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AIOU BS (Computer Science) Old Papers - Sample Past Papers

BS (Computer Science) is a four years program with minimum one hundred and forty credit hours and eight semesters in AIOU. BS(CS) Old papers of past many years are listed below as sample for your guidance. All the papers are ordered here according to their course codes.

Compulsory Subjects :

Code No 112 French Online

Code No 114 Arabi Bol Chaal

Code No 416 Islamic Studies

Code No 417 Pakistan Studies

Code No 418 Ethics

Code No 903 Operating System

Code No 920 Electronics

Code No 1423 Compulsory English-I

Code No 1424 Compulsory English-II

Code No 3400 Fundamentals of Computer

Code No 3401 Mathematics for Computing-I

Code No 3402 Programming Concepts

Code No 3403 Mathematics for Computing-II

Code No 3404 Physics

Code No 3406 Discrete Mathematics

Code No 3407 Programming Languages-I

Code No 3408 Data Structure

Code No 3409 Digital Logic Design

Code No 3410 Database-I

Code No 3412 Research Methods

Code No 3413 Data Communication

Code No 3414 Software Engineering-I

Code No 3415 Programming Language-III

Code No 3416 Computer Architecture

Code No 3418 Network Design

Code No 3447 Statistics and Probability

Code No 3451 Artificial Intelligence

Code No 3452 Theory of Automata

Code No 3453 Computer Organization and Assembly

Code No 3456 Business Communication

Code No 3457 Management Theory and Practice

Code No 3461 Management Information System

Code No 3466 Analysis and Design of Algorithms

Code No 3468 Compiler Construction

Code No 3477 Design Fundamentals

Specialization Areas :


Code No 3462 Multimedia System

Code No 3469 Computer Graphics

Code 3488 Computer Graphics application

Information Technology (IT) :

Code No 3444 Network and System Administration

Code No 3445 Database Administration

Code No 3471 Introduction to E-Business

Code No 3472 IT Services Management

Software Engineering :

Code No 3481 Design Patterns

Code No 3482 Software Architecture

Code No 3483 Software Quality and Testing

Code No 3464 Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Code No 3465 Software Engineering-II

Code No 3467 Database-II

Networking :

Code No 3444 Network and System Administration

Code No 3476 Network Strategy

Code No 3484 Data and Network Security

Code No 3485 Distributed Computing

Code No 3486 Wireless Networks

Code No 3487 Network Programming