Up-to-Date Past Question Papers of Boards, Universities and Different Tests.

AIOU F.A Old Papers - Past Sample Papers

F.A (General Group) is a two years program of HSSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate) with minimum eight credit hours and four semesters in AIOU. F.A old papers of past many years are listed below as sample for your guidance. All the papers are ordered here according to their course codes.

Code No 301 Daftri Urdu

Code No 302 Urdu

Code No 303 Iqbaliaat

Code No 305 Rural Development

Code No 307 Electrical Wiring

Code No 308 General Science

Code No 309 Arabic

Code No 310 Functional English

Code No 311 Book Keeping and Accountancy

Code No 312 Education

Code No 313 Dairy Farming

Code No 314 Electrician

Code No 315 Economics

Code No 316 Islamiat Compulsory

Code No 317 Pakistan Studies

Code No 318 Sindhi

Code No 319 Ethics

Code No 321 Muslim History of Sub Continent

Code No 322 Daftri Dastoor-ul-Amal

Code No 326 Farm Income Generating Skills

Code No 327 Farm Machinary

Code No 328 Improved Methods of Oil Seed Crops

Code No 329 Advanced Agriculture

Code No 330 Child Care and Development

Code No 331 Statistics

Code No 332 Auto Servicing

Code No 341 Maintenance of House Hold Electrical Appliances

Code No 342 Improved Methods of Fruit Production

Code No 343 Islamiat (Optional or Elective)

Code No 344 Basic Electronics

Code No 345 Home Management and Furnishing

Code No 346 Principles of Commerce

Code No 347 Banking

Code No 348 Radio Servicing

Code No 349 Plant Protection

Code No 351 Auto Mechanics

Code No 355 Consumer Textile

Code No 356 Food and Nutrition

Code No 357 Health and Nutrition

Code No 358 Apparel Design

Code No 359 Understanding of Math, Stat and Computer

Code No 360 Information Technology Applications

Code No 361 Persian

Code No 363 Urdu-I (Compulsory)

Code No 364 Urdu-II (Compulsory)

Code No 365 Family and Community Health

Code No 366 Practical Steps for Health

Code No 369 Communication Skills for Health Workers

Code No 371 Women Policing

Code No 372 Criminology

Code No 376 Human Rights

Code No 386 Compulsory English-I

Code No 387 Compulsory English-II

Code No 388 Penology

Code No 394 Statistics-I

Code No 395 Statistics-II

Code No 398 Sindhi Compulsory Part-I

Code No 399 Sindhi Compulsory Part-II

Code No 1307 Mathematics-I

Code No 1308 Mathematics-II

Code No 1309 Mathematics-III