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AIOU Matric Dars-e-Nizami Old Papers - Sample Past Papers

Matriculation ثانویہ عامہ (Dars-e-Nizami Group) is a two years program of SSC (Secondary School Certificate) with minimum eight credit hours and four semesters in AIOU. It is mandatory to pass all offered subjects. Old papers of past many years are listed below as sample for your guidance. All the papers are ordered here according to their course codes.

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First Semester :

Code No 204 Urdu

Code No 213 Sindhi Compulsory

Code No 240 Quran-e-Hakim

Second Semester :

Code No 202 Pakistan Studies

Code No 207 Compulsory English-I

Code No 242 Seerat-e-Tayyaba

Third Semester :

Code No 203 General Science

Code No 221 Compulsory English-II

Code No 247 Mathematics-I

Fourth Semester :

Code No 241 Islamic Fiqh

Code No 246 Arabic

Code No 248 Mathematics-II