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AIOU M.A Arabic Old Papers - Sample Past Papers

M.A Arabic is a two years program with minimum twenty half credit hours and four semesters in AIOU. It is mandatory to pass all offered subjects. Interested students can adopt thesis in place of four half credit hours courses . It is to be completed within six months. Old papers of past many years are listed below as sample for your guidance. All the papers are ordered here according to their course codes.

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Code No 4507 Al-Bilaga

Code No 4508 Teaching Methodology

Code No 4525 History of Arabic Literature (Old)

Code No 4526 History of Arabic Literature (Modern)

Code No 4527 Arabic Poetry (Old)

Code No 4528 Arabic Poetry (Modern)

Code No 4529 Arabic Prose (Old)

Code No 4530 Arabic Prose (Modern)

Code No 4531 Literary Criticism (Literacy Personalities)

Code No 4532 Literary Criticism - Outlines of Criticism

Code No 4533 Science of Linguistics-I

Code No 4534 Science of Linguistics-II

Code No 4535 Applied Grammar-I

Code No 4536 Applied Grammar-II

Code No 4537 Religious Literature (Quran)

Code No 4538 Religious Literature (Hadith)

Code No 4539 Islamic History-I

Code No 4540 Islamic History-II

Code No 4541 Arabic Literature in Sub Continent-I

Code No 4542 Arabic Literature in Sub Continent-II