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UOS M.A Islamic Studies Old Papers | Up-to-Date Past Papers

M.A Islamic Studies (Islamiat) is a two years program with ten subjects. Each subject carry 100 marks. Viva is included for paper-II (Dawat-o-Irshad) of second year. Five compulsory subjects are offered in first part and five in second part with three options for paper IV and V in second year. Students have to choose one of three options for papers IV and V. Thesis or research paper can also be adopted in place of paper V. University of Sargodha (UOS) holds examinations according to annual basis for this program.

Past papers papers are categorized here according to subjects. Here is list of  sample papers.

Part I :

Paper-I Al-Quran

Paper-II Al-Hadith

Paper-III Taqabul-e-Adyan

Paper-IV History of Islam

Paper-V Arabic Zaban-o-Adab

Part II :

Paper-I Al-Fiqh

Paper-II Dawat-o-Irshad

Paper-III Islam aor Jadeed Muashi Afkar-o-Tehreekat

Paper IV (I) Islam and Science

Paper IV (II) Islam aor Falsfa

Paper IV (III) Alm-e-Islam k Wesail-o-Mesail

Paper V (I) Islam aor Jadeed Syasi-o-Imrani Afkar

Paper V (II) Islamic Ikhlaq-o-Tasawuf

Paper V (III) Ilm-ul-Kalam